Plan in advance

The claims process

If you were involved in a car accident, it is very important to present an accurate claim to your insurance company in order to get the appropriate settlement that you deserve. Going through the claims process can be difficult to understand and work through, especially if you are seriously injured. Learn about the settlement process and how to get your fair compensation.

Get Organized

Gathering information for your claim

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Initiate the claim

Negotiating with your car insurance company begins with initiating a claim. At this early stage, you don't need a car accident attorney. You should begin the claims process right after the accident. This will help you to recall details more accurately and report them in writing while the information is fresh. Contacting your car insurance company and initiating an accurate claim is the foundation of the whole process. Delaying your claim could seem suspicious and cause insurance adjusters to question details.

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Keep Accurate Files

It’s important to maintain a file that includes all information pertinent to the car accident. It's a good idea to organize all of your information chronologically as each event takes place. Your file should include an official police report, car repair invoices, records of all medical treatments and services, and any other expenses directly related to the accident and your recovery. These documents will assist you during your negotiations, and having them readily accessible helps the process be more efficient.

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Calculate the costs

Determine the value of your claim by taking into account your current and future medical expenses, lost income from your job, whether you will need long-term medical care, pain and suffering, and vehicle repair costs. Use this information to decide what you will accept as a minimum settlement. You will then send your insurance company a demand letter with details of the accident, the ongoing issues related to the accident, and how much you expect as a reasonable and fair settlement.

Adding it all up

Determine Your Settlement

Arriving at a fair agreement with your insurance company can prove to be difficult and complicated. When this happens, hiring a car accident attorney can help. An experienced lawyer can assist by evaluating your situation, determining whether your settlement is fair, and potentially pursuing a lawsuit based on your personal injury.